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Palm Beach Hotels - Where riches and wealth are personified. From Worth Avenue to the Polo Club, your luxury vacation is here! Discover the attraction of exclusive boutiques, five star hotels and gourmet restaurants. Mingle with the bold and the beautiful. Tour Palm Beach's finest hotels, restaurants, attractions and real estate from wherever you happen to be when the desire overcomes you.

Whether you care to lounge ocean side at a fabulous resort, or experience "the Sport of Kings" at the Polo Club, Palm Beach will delight you with it's sense of refinement. Cheap Hotels can be found in this beautiful city. Many are similar to Key West Hotels. Palm Beach offers a bounty of outdoor attractions, world class shopping, fine dining and prime real estate. Palm Beach's finest have been captured here for you to experience through 360° virtual images, live interactive web cams and entertaining videos.

Palm Beach is a town in Florida located on a 16 mile long barrier island. This town was established as a resort by Henry Morrison, who was the founder of Standard Oil. He was the man who brought the railroad to Florida and he spend millions of dollars building a 55 room house which later on became a hotel and it is now converted into a Museum where you will be able to find all the history of Palm Beach.

Although you may have heard a lot about this tinny area, it is still something you will have to see to believe. It has been considered that the servants in Palm Beach live better lives than some Americans and a Rolls-Royce is something you will see very regularly in the public places.

If you are interested in seeing winter palaces of the millionaires of the country, take a drive along the South Ocean and enjoy the view. Even those focused on privacy will not have a high fence when it comes to admiring the ocean view. It would make no sense to spend so much money for a view you are not going to enjoy. So, have a merry time admiring what money can buy and how to keep the most immaculate gardens trimmed at all times.

As far as sunset and cocktails are concerned there is no better place than the Breakers Hotel, which is located in the centre of the town and which is famous for its delightful views of the sea. Dinning is also an experience you may want to have with certain amount of grandeur. However, since this is considered to be a small town, the restaurants have a feel of private clubs. A place like the Palm Beach Grill is a dimly lighted social favorite of some of the residents, however, the bar is the favorite of the tourists and it attracts quite a variety of personalities looking for a taste of the glamorous life. Spare ribs and ice cream sundaes are the favorites of the place; however, you will need to book well in advance to be able to get a sit.

The stretch of long beach is normally very peaceful and empty and you may want to enjoy walking on the space watching the beautiful sea early in the morning when there are not many people around.

Palm Beach may be considered to be a party town, however, people are early rises and you can find the breakfast restaurants getting ready to welcome its customers from 8.00 am. You may want to try the Green’s Pharmacy, which is a breakfast place with old fashion written all over the place.

There is no better place to see variety and diversity when it comes to the retail market than in Palm Beach. You will find the latest of Vogue and other designers in some very sophisticated stores, and you will also spend some time looking at the ladies walking with their cashmere sweaters and their dogs having similar outfits as well.

It is important to note that it is the smaller and elder shops which have been able to remain in their original frames and which continue to have their business while surviving all odds. And if you are a lover of antiques, then be careful with your heart and your purse, as some of the shops in many parts of Palm Beach are famous for their collections of all kinds of French, English and Oriental antiques at varying prices.

The night life for visitors at Palm bean can be considered to be very casual. Big parties in Palm Beach are considered to be private, and therefore, as a tourist or a person on a vacation, you can easily have a very peaceful night enjoying a Bikini Martini at the Brazilian Court Hotel and enjoying a small ban or a DJ playing on the lobby.

Since Palm Beach has a very flat land, trail and bikes rides are very popular with the tourists. You can easily rent a bike and go for a trail ride and at the same time have great fun enjoying the fantastic views of the Marina in West Palm Beach. If you are not into riding a bike, then you can always take a walk or a jog and enjoy the exercise as well.

Whatever the occasion or the purpose of your visit to the Palm Beach, it may be important for you to remember that the most important part of the town is the beach and therefore, you should think of creating a vacation around that area to be able to really enjoy the visit. The sea front is the place where all the action is and where you will find the best hotels, the best restaurants and the best views you can expect.

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